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Lene Nystrom Rasted Nude

Foxy Norwegian singer and actress Lene Nystrøm Rasted gets really horny and allows a lucky dude to play with her boobies!

You can see Lene go topless in the movie Deliver Us From Evil.

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Tone Christensen Nude

Sexy Norwegian babe Tone Christensen bares her boobs as she lies naked in bed after having sex with her lover!

Tone has some great nude scenes in the movie Knots and in the TV show The Sopranos.

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Natassia Malthe Nude

Exotic Oslo-born actress and model Natassia Malthe exposes her breasts and nipples while fighting off some guy on the floor!

You can see Natassia naked or very sexy in the movies BloodRayne: The Third Reich, Slave, Sex And Death 101, Skinwalkers, Chaos, Devil’s Highway, Wish You Were Here, Elektra, 40 Days And 40 Nights, and Stark Raving Mad. She also had some very sexy roles in the television shows Knights Of Bloodsteel and The Dead Zone.

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Lillian Muller Nude

Luscious Norwegian actress and Playboy Playmate Lillian Müller joins two naked girlfriends in bed for a hot lesbian orgy!

You can see Lillian’s very erotic sex scenes in the comedy movie The Amorous Mis-Adventures Of Casanova.

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Laila Goody Nude

Busty Norwegian hottie Laila Goody shows us her big juicy tits while getting on top and fucking some lucky guy!

Laila has some very steamy sex scenes in the films Den Som Frykter Ulven, Jonny Vang, and Eye Ball.

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Kirsti Stubo Nude

Lovely Norwegian actress Kirsti Stubø takes off her gown in front of a doctor and exposes her boobs for us to drool over!

Kirsti bared her tits, ass and pussy during her nude scenes in the movie Opium: Diary Of A Madwoman. She also has some sexy scenes in the TV show Seks Som Oss.

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Julia Schacht Nude

Pretty Norwegian actress Julia Schacht takes off her shirt and lies down topless on the couch before having sex with her lover!

You can watch Julia’s rough sex scenes in the movie Next Door (Naboer).

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Inger Ebeltoft Nude

Gorgeous Norwegian model and actress Inger Ebeltoft bares her amazing body while meditating outdoors completely in the nude!

Inger has shown great full-frontal nudity in the erotic film Eve.

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Grethe Ryan Nude

Beautiful blonde Nordic film and TV actress Grethe Ryen shows us her perky tits while having she’s having a good time outdoors!

You can watch Grethe’s nude and sexy sexy scenes in the movie Sommeren Jeg Fylte 15 Den as well as in the TV shows Skolen and I De Beste Familier.

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Anna Bache-Wiig Nude

A bruised, battered, and bloodied Anna Bache-Wiig bares her boobies as she lies topless in bed with some guy!

Watch Anna Bache-Wiig’s disturbing nude scenes in the Norwegian horror movie Next Door (Naboer). She also appeared naked in the television shows Lekestue and Borgen Skole.

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Ane Dahl Torp Nude

Juicy Norwegian actress Ane Dahl Torp exposes her itty-bitty titties while rolling around naked in bed!

Ane has some excellent nude and sex scenes in the movie Gymnaslærer Pedersen and in the TV show Svarte Penger Hvite Løgner.